Online Furnace Services Ltd is the exclusive European sales agent for Americarb products. Together we offer manufacturing of complete hot zones, components for high-temperature vacuum furnace systems used in the manufacture of solar and fuel cells, diamond bits, semiconductors, glass, ceramics and many other high-tech products.

Online Furnace Services are a dynamic Scottish company specialising in the supply of high quality furnace insulation packages for the thermal processing industry. Our furnace spares, off-the-shelf Products include

  • Carbon bonded thermal insulation board
  • Rigidised felt board
  • Carbon composites CFC or C-C
  • Graphite felt
  • Graphite foil
  • Molybdenum products and ceramics

Our experienced engineers take pride in offering tailored optimum solutions to your heat related problems. Bespoke design of grids and carrier systems in carbon composites will greatly improve your system, reduce operating costs, and improve productivity.