OFS-2 graphite paint has been specially formulated to seal the surface porosity of fibrous carbon and graphite insulation materials against potential dusting and abrasion and to provide a more reflective surface to thermal radiation.

OFS-2 may be applied as a protective coating to bare, or previously coated fibrous carbon and graphite insulation materials such as soft felt and carbon bonded carbon fibre board. It may be used as a repair or touch-up coating on a previously coated or rework insulation materials. OFS-2 is primarily recommended for application to hot face insulation surfaces to provide an improved reflective surface. Other insulation surfaces should be left uncoated or may be coated lightly (one coat) if necessary. However, it is recommended that coating of cold wall surfaces and other surfaces not exposed as a hot face be minimised, both because,

1) the furnace temperature in these areas may not be sufficiently high to stabilise the initial outgassing of the binder contained in the coating, and

2) the reflective properties of the OFS-2 would not be effectively utilised.

OFS-3 is a specially formulated high temperature One Part Graphite Adhesive
This adhesive is used to bond:
• Graphite Flexible Foil to Graphite Rigid Insulation
• Graphite Flexible Foil to Carbon/Carbon Composite
• Graphite Flexible Foil to Graphite/Carbon Felt
• Carbon/Carbon Composite to Graphite Rigid Insulation
• Graphite to Graphite